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My 2017 Highlights

RACHEYwrites | 2017 Best Nine on Instagram

@RACHEYwrites 2017 Best Nine on Instagram | What a year it has been… from my highest of highs to my lowest of lows, my gratitude comes down to one thing: love. This year has shown me true love with my now-husband Mark, true love in genuine friendships, and true love for what I do to make money and build a career for myself. The photos (above) of my “best nine” photos on Instagram is a mere glimpse of how much love I experienced this year, so here’s a blog post of the most major highlights — both highs and lows.

Our Fairytale Wedding RACHEYandMARK

Wedding Details #3: My Best Friend is Marrying Us

RACHEYandMARK Officiant

If you’ve followed my blog or YouTube for the last ten or more years, I’m sure you know Jesse! If you don’t know who this guy is (in the photo above), meet him now… this is Jesse Truong! My “BGF” (aka “best guy friend”), the Stitch to my Lilo-self, and the nerd who made being a “nerd” cool. This guy right here is going to marry me and Mark, and I am so excited! wooot~ 🙌🏾


Jenelle at 4

RACHEYwrites | Jenelle at 4
Jenelle did her first official photoshoot! She’s been taking photos and dressing up since she was born because of my sister and mom, so she was a natural. It’s so crazy that this little munchkin is FOUR. Oh my, time flies…