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Happiness Is a Life with You

I’ve been on edge every time I think of my future and Mark — my boyfriend — always gives me reassurance. He is 100% supportive of my ambitions hopes, goals, and dreams. This is just a mini shoutout to the one person who keeps me grounded. I love you babe, and thank you for reminding me that happiness does not equal being rich.

“I’ll support you with whatever you do as long as you are happy.”
-Mark Tevin, My Boyfriend

Too many people in my family think that “happy equals rich,” but I beg to differ.

Thank you for reminding me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

Thank you for reassuring me that you will love me even if I don’t follow my original plans of going to law school. And if I don’t do what people expect of me, I will be okay. I want to live a good, happy, successful, prosperous life.

Happiness is a life with you.

Success is a life of never giving up or giving into fighting for what I want. Prosperity is a life of good health and being surrounded by people I love. I’m not afraid for what’s in store. There are so many options and numerous routes for me in my future, it’s just a matter of choosing now.


love you everlong ❤️

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