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Drive Your Health in 2015

Since finals week, I have been doing everything I can to catch up on sleep and recuperate. The only time I’ve been out of my woman cave is to go to the gym and get back on track with daily exercises. I thought to myself, why wait until 2015 to start my New Years Resolution and live a health lifestyle? So, I went to the gym the day after finals ended and I must say, I feel goooood. I’m obviously less stressed because finals are over, but I feel happier and stronger mostly because I have been consistently exercising and staying conscious of my portions and eating habits.


Source: RecallCenter

The beautiful, awesome infographic (above) sums up the theme of next year. I plan to stay disciplined and informed inside and outside of the doctor’s office. This change in lifestyle is for my overall well being. I will drive my health physically and mentally throughout 2015 and beyond because I know how much being healthy causes a domino of positive effects.

I know I’m not perfect and I know living a healthy life seems time consuming, but think of being healthy as an overall investment. You will feel better, have more energy, be happier, and improve your quality of life. Who doesn’t want that?

On top of the tips and tricks listed on the infographic, the biggest challenge I will overcome in 2015 will be to get more sleep. I have put my body and mind through too many sleepless nights. Did you know…

“Long-term dangers of all-nighters include a reduced learning ability and increased likelihood of anxiety disorders.1 Other potential hazards include weight gain, an increased risk of diabetes, and potential brain damage.” –Greatist

All in all, sleep is important and I plan to work on getting more sleep in 2015.

I urge you to take control of their health this coming year and all the years to come… whether it is educating yourself about newly discovered side effects of medicine or medical issues to learning how much something as simple as the amount of sleep affects your health. Living a healthy lifestyle is important in and out of the doctor’s office. #MedSafety

FOR AWARENESS PURPOSES: Xarelto, is a medicine that has recently been under scrutiny by the FDA. The drug has been linked to the risk of internal bleeding. So many people have been misinformed about this medicine. (Please spread the word.)

I encourage you all to take this challenge with me!

What will you do to drive your health in 2015?

1 Overnight Therapy? The Role of Sleep in Emotional Brain Processing. Els van der Helm, Walker MP. Department of Psychology, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley California. Psychological Bulletin 2009 Sept; 135(5): 731–748.

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