FAQs (YouTube Edition)

I guess now is the best time to answer some frequently asked questions I’ve come across because of YouTube. If I haven’t answered any of your questions, feel free to tweet me at @RACHEYwrites or comment below.

Tech-Related Questions

📷 What camera do you use to film your videos?

I use several different types of cameras depending on what type of video I’m filming (i.e. vlogs, FILAM FANGIRL videos, lookbooks, travel vlogs). I use the Canon T5i with many different lenses, the Canon G7x, and the GoPro Hero 4.

🎥 What do you use to edit your videos?

Final Cut Pro X. Prior to that, I’ve used iMovie, Sony Vegas, and the ancient Windows Movie Maker.

🎧 Where do you get your background music?

YouTube Audio Library.

🎥 Who designed your YouTube Channel Art?

I did! I used the same font I used for this blog, and designed it all on PicMonkey.

✏️ Can I interview you for my blog?

I love answering questions for other blogs and YouTube channels. If you are interested in interviewing me, please send me an email at racheywrites(at) with your list of questions and a link to your blog/channel! I’ll tweet and facebook out the link to our interview once you publish it.

Personal Questions

🌎 Where are you from?

I’m from lots of places, but most of my life has been in California.

🍊 Where do you live?

Currently floating around Orange County, California — usually near Disneyland.

⌛️ How old are you?

I was born in December (early 90s) — you can do the math 😜

🇵🇭 Are you filipino?

Yes, I’m full filipino. I was born in Hawaii and raised in California. People usually get this confused and think I’m half filipino because I say I’m “Filipino-American” but I hope they understand that both my parents are Filipino, so I’m culturally Filipino and nationally American by citizenship.

🙋🏽 How tall are you?

In my mind, I’m as tall as an Amazonian Goddess. Physically, I’m 5’1.75. (yes! the .75-inch matters)

💕 Do you have a boyfriend?

Yes, and I highkey love him. We’ve been friends since 2006 and dating since 2009. When will he pop the question? I have no clue! But you should totally hang out with us sometime on our vlog channel and see if he’s planning something anytime soon.

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