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Black and White in San Luis Obispo

My mom, sister, niece, and I never plan to match our outfits, yet by coincidence we always do. We went to San Luis Obispo for my cousin’s graduation party and wore an arrangement of black and white outfits. The party was held on a ranch at what felt like the middle of no where. The scenery and the weather was beautiful.

SLO 002

SLO 005

SLO 004

SLO 003

SLO 007

SLO 008

SLO 009

SLO 006

SLO 010

SLO 011

SLO 015

SLO 018

SLO 012

SLO 013

SLO 014

SLO 016PHOTOS BYΒ Mark Aguirre

SLO 020

SLO 021

SLO 022

SLO 023

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