It’s Launch Day!

Finally making this blog live for the world to see! Say ‘good-bye’ to that Coming Soon page, and hello to my new lifestyle and travel blog 😍 From December to January, I’ve been building, designing, and writing for this blog to make it as presentable and inviting as possible. I can’t wait share my travel stories and adventures… and recommended food places in Southern California.

Rachel Bulosan | blue hair

Lots of things happened in the past two months.

In December, I took an overnight trip to Las Vegas to watch my precious nephew be born. Welcome to the world Derrick! I worked multiple photography jobs with the City of Garden Grove. I became persistent about posting videos up for FILAM FANGIRL. I celebrated my birthday with my family and some of you guys on Instagram live! I also left the company I helped start. Then, to prep for the new year, I learned about the KonMari Method and applied it to my life.

In January, I (unfortunately) didn’t post a thing for FILAM FANGIRL because I focused heavily on this blog. I went to Disneyland on a rainy day. Then, got sick because of it for a week straight. I was in bedrest for a week and felt horrible about not being productive. After I finally got better, I started writing and writing and writing. I had to backdate any travel posts I could find so this blog doesn’t look like a barren wasteland when you get here.

This past weekend alone was super eventful. I started vlogging again! I exercised and spent the whole day with my sister-from-another-mister, Christine! Mark and I met Jessica MacCleary and Sir Wade in Los Angeles! My whole family from Northern California and Las Vegas came to celebrate my brother and dad’s birthdays at Sky High. It was my first time at Sky High too. I spent time with my nieces: Braelyn, Jenelle, and Sophia 💕 And I helped my travel bestie, Shannon, with post-production editing for her #allsizesfitone campaign.

The last few days are reminders of why I love to blog.

I love to encapsulate my memories of good times with great people so I can come back to it again.


lots of virtual hugs,

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