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Things To Do Before Getting Engaged (Inspired by Wander Onwards)

I started reading Wander Onwards in 2013 and never stopped. Since then Vanessa Elizabeth, travel blogger behind Wander Onwards, has inspired me through her words, her thoughts, and her travels. I remember when I first started reading her blog, she lived in China. Now, she currently lives in London and still holds true to her love for traveling.

She is intuitive and interesting and I appreciate how relatable her voice is in her writing. I had to repost this article 23 Things To Do Instead Of Getting Engaged Before You’re 23 by Vanessa (again, after four years of first coming across it) because I believe that ladies of my generation need to understand that marriage is not the only goal.

Back in the old days, yes, marriage was key to survival in society as a woman, but it is a new era now.

In this era, women are not dependent on men.  In this era, women are helping other women to succeed. Be a part of the progression and live your life as an individual before getting married.

Women should find themselves (whether it is through traveling, new hobbies, or meeting new friends) before fully committing in a marriage. After marriage, the domino effect occurs.  Engaged. Married. New House. Babies. Elementary School. Extra Curricular Activities. Soccer/Tennis Mom. Performances. High School. College. etc. etc. etc.

Thank you Vanessa for this great list!

I’m adding several of your points to my bucketlist 😜


List of some of my favorites from the list of things to do before getting engaged:

#1 Get a passport. ✔

#5 Start a band. ✔

#7 Get a tattoo. It’s more permanent than a marriage.

#8 Explore a new religion. ✔

#9 Start a small business. ✔

#10 Cut your hair. ✔

#12 Build something with your hands. ✔️

#13 Accomplish a Pinterest project.

#18 Make strangers feel uncomfortable in public places. ✔

#21 Write your feelings down in a blog. ✔✔✔

#22 Be selfish. ✔


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