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Our Wedding Ceremony


“I promise to never get angry when you eat from my plate…” –My Husband

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today for love and for celebration. Before we begin, let us take the time to celebrate the life of someone who could not be here with us today, but will live on through her family and the now love we are forging at this wedding. Today would have been the 93rd birthday of Mark’s grandmother — also known as nanay. With close friends and family in our presence, let us share a moment together to remember her, wish her a happy birthdya, and to let her know she is missed dearly, and to bring her back in our thoughts so she could be here among us. In her remembrance, please bow your heads in a moment of silence.


Today will truly be a day to remember, forever a birthday of a treasured soul [Mark’s Nanay] and also a day already made special by our cherished couple. Eight years ago, on the day, and surrounded by the same Disney magic, Rachel and Mark made a commitment to each other to embrace and grow the love between them.


Rachel, a princess unlike any other, and yet also like all of them at the same time. Brave, smart, adventurous, ambitious, quirky, bubbly, steadfast, a beauty, and a funny girl, our Belle.

And our beast, although you’re looking as handsome as ever — so maybe not a beast, but let’s just say “hypebeast” for old times sake. Mark, genuine, mysterious, creative, humorous, steady like a river, and seriously more charming than any fairytale prince.


Many of us here have been blessed to have known you both for many years now. We have known and loved you separately, when it was just rumors and secrets that Rachel liked Mark, but “shhh, don’t say anything because Mark likes Rachel.” And for 8 years now, we’ve known you two together as one.

We were just kids then and honestly we’re just kids now, time is a tricky thing – a lot has changed since then, but through it all, we’ve known you two belong together. As long as you two have each other we will have a world, for once, in perfect harmony. Adventure is out there, and you both deserve one another as partners in this adventure we call life. Your love has been tested and true, beautifully storied, an enduringly powerful force, and endless like the ocean because no one knows how far it goes.

It is on this day, today, that we come together and are brought back to this place.



Mark’s Wedding Vows

Rachel, today marks our special day, our hopes, our expectations, our dreams, and our infinity. From our first meeting, I’ve always tried to play the cool guy but can never seem to stay calm when I’m around you. You are the most beautiful, intelligent, passionate, and caring person I’ve ever known. You are my best friend through good and bad. We have so many memories that we’ve created these past 8 years and our bond is inseparable. From our late night drives going from city to city to our Disneyland trips just to eat dole whip. But my favorite memory will be saved for tonight because tonight you become my wife and I become your husband. I vow to be your lover, best friend, and companion. I promise to always love you no matter the odds, as we grow old together traveling the world. I promise to respect you with your own desires and needs and to understand that sometimes those are different but are just as important as my own. I promise to share the world with you and grow along with my best friend. To be willing to faces changes and to embrace that we will change together through time. I promise to never get angry when you eat from my plate because today I am hers and she is mine. And lastly, I promise to love you through thick and thin in the way that I know how and the way that I am whole heartedly. I love you.


Rachel’s Wedding Vows

When I was younger, I lived for Disney fairytales. I knew someday I wanted to find my knight in shining armor who would complete me. Yet, God blessed me with so much more… He brought you to me to teach me that I don’t need someone to “complete me,” but someone to accept me completely. You accept me being the biggest cheesy romantic, while you are the most realistic person I know. You accept my overly extrovertedness, and helped me learn how to find solace in vegging and being chill. You accept my tendencies to have a new hobby every season, whether it’s pageants, tahitian, belly dancing, student government… whatever it is, you’re there in the audience cheering me on or at events supporting me. Thank you for accepting me completely, loving me fully, and being my co-pilot to navigate this crazy thing we call life. Mark, mahal ko, my love… a lifetime with you is not enough to show how much I love you, but I’ll work at it every day until my last breath.

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