Full Name: Rachel Ann Bulosan Torrelino
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Age: 20-something
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Relationship Status: Taken
Current Location: Southern California

Hi! I’m Rach. I am a Filipino-American lifestyle and travel blogger from California, USA. Most of my photos are taken by photographer boyfriend. And I enjoy having a cup of tea with croissants. When I’m not blogging, I can be found freelancing as a technical writer, marketing consultant, copyeditor, or photographer. Since 2010, I’ve practiced my crafts with a variety of clients — ranging from corporate brands to family businesses to startups to individuals with ideas to recognizable nonprofit organizations. I live in Southern California, about ten minutes away from Disneyland. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in English: Rhetoric and Composition in 2015, and now I’m schoolin’ life (or at least trying to).


Study and live in all forms of culture.

Learning runs through my blood and soul, so it’s only natural that this little blog of mine grow to be what it is today. I explore and learn about different cultures (not just ethnic cultures, but also the culture of freelancing, blogging, organization, millenials, startups, technology, etc.), I write about my experiences, and then I share what I’ve come across. Since 2010, I held true to my personal motto, to “study and live in all forms of culture.”

So, welcome to my blog filled with nothing but ideas, culture, and stories for the soul.