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I’m Alive and Well

I know, I’ve been virtually dead this past summer because I was having a mini life crisis. However… I’m back now and I’m excited to start blogging about the inner working of my mind and how I view the world.

Disney Visuals

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

disney castle | RACHEYwrites

This photo is unreal

But let’s take a moment to admire it

Because Mark took this photo

in the midst of a crowd of people

trying to take photos

next to the castle too.

He edited the photo

turned it into this piece of art

and voila

witness the amazingness.

📍 Sleeping Beatuy’s Castle


Disney Visuals

Our First Time at Cove Bar

Paradise Pier DCA | RACHEYwrites

finally got to eat at the Cove Bar in Paradise Cove! It was both mine and Mark’s first time, and it was perfect. Because the hosts heard me excitedly talking about what I wanted to eat and try, they seated us on the balcony in plain view of the water where World of Color happens.