The person behind RACHEYwrites:

Rachel. Yes, hi — I’m here, that’s me! I am the human behind this very personal, very free-spirited, lifestyle and travel blog. On YouTube, I’m more commonly known as FILAM FANGIRL. (Because I am Filipino-American… and a fangirl.) In my figurative life novel, I am a dynamic character that is always changing and growing. This blog is one of the few things that I can keep up with, and can keep up with me. When I’m not blogging, I’m out living life and thinking about what to blog next. I continue to write because it brings me passion, purpose, pride, patience, and peace.

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Why I started this personal blog:

I wanted to create a judgment-free zone for my writing, so I did with this blog. There are two spectrums of my writing. On one side, I have my technical writer hat on. And on the other side, I have my blogger hat. Both are very different. However, I need both hats to function as a writer. I need both hats to be genuinely happy with every part of writing.


Our super short origin story:

In 2006, I began my content creation journey. Videos, blogs, lists, photoshoots, etc. I create content, I appreciate other people’s content, and I share content. I was (and still am) obsessed with creating things that bring about response, but obsessed in the healthiest form possible.


My personal favorites:

Don’t laugh, but my personal favorite at the moment is my Categories page. I love to organize and I worked hard on it, so stop by and take a look if you want to get a feel for what gets posted here and there.

More specific personal favorites coming soon… what are your personal faves so far?


Reasons why you should stay:

● There’s always something to read, see, hear, and watch.

If you’re looking for tips on how to travel, boom we got that. If you’re looking for witty stories about the millenial struggle (aka my struggles), then you are in the right place. If you want to just browse through and feed your wanderlust, then by all means, browse on.

● Learn something new.

Learning runs through my blood and soul, so it’s only natural that this little blog grows and ages like fine wine. I explore and learn about different cultures (not just ethnic cultures, but also the culture of freelancing, blogging, organization, millenials, startups, technology, etc.), I write about my experiences, and then I share what I’ve come across. I’m just a ball of stories and trivia.

● I have the best life motto.

Study and live in all cultures. So good. Thanks, I created it in 2010, in my favorite college English class, when I decided to switch to an English major and dedicate my life to writing.



How to connect with me: